Apologies to one and all for the inconvenience, but Swingeasy is temporarily suspended while head organizer Stephanie has her ACL reconstructed and recovers from said operation.  There will be lesson series (by guest instructors) and more dances in the near future.  To stay current, please sign up for email updates using our handy button (to the right).

See you all swinging soon!

No one keeps a dance floor movin’ like the Lucky Dogs and their toe-tappin’ New Orleans sound. So come on down to Swingeasy to tear up our spacious floor!

Just don’t tear your legs up while you’re at it, or like Steph you’ll need surgery! ACL reconstruction seemed as g…ood an excuse as any for a party, so come wish Steph’s pre-surgery knee happy adventures under the knife. There will be cake and confetti and a fake cast to sign!

DJ VaVaVaVoon will be keeping us dancing during the breaks, and expect a special performance by Ben Rich and Shannon Chirone. The Physical Therapist encouraged pre-surgery activity, so the Free Beginner Lesson is ON! Bring your new-to-dance friends and show them how much fun dancing to live music can be. Refreshing fruit drinks will be provided by the Epifaneo collective.

Baby Soda brings their fabulous street jazz to the Swingeasy stage for your dancing pleasure! This time you’ll be able to boogie in your dancing shoes on our fine dance floor instead of in your tennies on the asphalt.

DJ VaVaVaVoon will keep you dancing during the band… breaks, and if you work up a thirst, the Epifaneo Collective will provide their delicious fruit juices.

Nothing beats music for dancers than musicby dancers.  Swing dancer Justin Haaheim, of New Haven, CT, brings us music perfect for swinging the night away with his band, Dig Jazz.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear their classy and cool sounds.

For more on this band, check them out at: http://www.facebook.com/digourjazz, or get a preview of the music at http://listen.justinhaaheim.com/

See you there!

Gordon has graced our stage once before, but now he brings us his beloved Grand Street Stompers and their old fashioned jazz.  Come dance to their classic New Orleans sound.  DJ VaVaVaVoon will keep you moving on the band breaks.

If it’s your birthday week, arrive in time for the 9:30 birthday jam.  And our Swingeasy tradition, the 2-song Denver Jam will take place around 10:15 with a special challenge this week: anyone is welcome to jump in as many times as they like–just not with the same partner more than once!  So consider carefully when you want to show off your fast dancing and aerials, and until the fast tempos hit, jump in with a new partner.  Everyone has dancing to share, so let’s bring EVERYONE into our jam!

Those of you who heard Solomon’s Trio on our opening night know: this is not a sound to be missed. Just $10 to dance on both levels of our spacious floor (this time minus the photo booth) to phenomenal live music. No performances, no competitions; just amazing beats and amazing dancers to share them with.

Arrive by 9:30 for the birthday jam, and 10:10 for the Denver Jam circle (double the jam songs for double the fun). Band break music will be supplied by DJ Alvin Arnold. The Epifaneo Collective will be happy to quench your thirst with their delicious fruit juices.

8:00-8:30 Free beginner lesson
8:30-11:30 Dance

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It’s Swingeasy’s first holiday dance, and we’re getting ready to outdo ourselves!  We have the beloved boys of Sly Blue ready to woo us with their song, performances by two hard-dancing swing groups, and our traditional Denver Jam for those who want to show off fancy moves.  If you feel like getting all gussied up, go right ahead!  We’ll be having a best dressed competition to celebrate the most festive garb of the evening, and even if you don’t win, take a commemorative photo at the kissing booth.

Don’t forget our free beginner lesson, from  8:00-8:30!  This will be the perfect night to bring new swing dancers into the fold, so be sure to invite your friends.  It will be a night of great music and dancing, with DJ Danny Son  to keep us boogying during the band breaks.  If you get parched, the Epifaneo collective will be serving their delicious fruit juices.  See you there!

You loved Ilya Lushtak’s guitar at Session 73; on Tuesday, January 24, come enjoy his sound on Swingeasy’s spacious floor as he leads B. Cool! The cats may be cool, but the swing will be very, very hot. Grab a front row seat for our first ever guest performance of the Manhattan by Tony, Jaime, and several of NYC’s finest shaggers. Plus, another Denver jam circle–bring your best moves!

This weeknight fix of live music and great dancing is just $10, with a free beginner lesson from 8:00-8:30 DJ Druzba will keep you moving during the band breaks, and the Epifaneo collective will keep you hydrated with their delicious fruit juices, just $2-$3 per glass.

See you there!

With the new year comes a new tradition: the Denver-Style Jam Circle! 

When I was home (Denver, represent!) for the holidays, I experienced a wonderful jam circle with a two-song format.  The first song was about 200 bpm (about like this: ), which was fast enough for tricks but not so fast that you had to be a rock star to jump in.  That song was immediately followed by a crazy-fast song (think anything by Louis Prima, especially this: ) to give those speedsters, tricksters, and aerialists a chance to showcase their extra hard work and hours of practice. 

I hope that tomorrow night we’re able to shine a spotlight on all the dancers who want to jump in, to honor each other’s hard work and progress.  I encourage dancers of all levels to take a few bars in the middle of the circle, if only to show off whatever new move or achievement they’re most proud of.  And even though I personally have been long intimidated by jam circles, I hope you’ll all be supportive when I grab a lead and go for it!

Come ring in 2012 with Swingeasy!  Sly Blue’s Marko Gazic and fabulous vocalist Tamar Korn will lead their delightfully musical friends on our stage.  There’s no better way to celebrate being 10 days into the New Year!

Come get your weeknight fix of live music for just $10, and bring your friends a half hour early for the free beginner lesson from 8:00-8:30.  DJ Steve the Troublemaker will keep you dancing during the band breaks, and the Epifaneo collective will keep you hydrated with their delicious fruit juices, just $2-$3 per glass. 

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